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The store once appearing at this domain name was selling replica Chanel watches. After Chanel took legal action against the site, a judge ordered the store closed and its operator to pay Chanel over $500,000.00 in damages. Further, to prevent the domain name from being used for the same illegal purpose again, the judge ordered the domain transferred to Chanel’s control.

Some consumers eagerly jump at the chance to own replica Chanel watches thinking they are simply getting a great deal on a product they love; but what do they really get when they pay for knockoff watches?

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To start with, the quality of a replica Chanel watch is not likely to match a consumer’s expectations regarding a genuine Chanel watch. Replica watches generally are produced with the focus more on controlling costs than on quality, with cheaper less durable materials used. While these materials might give the replica watch a similar look when the box is first opened, they will not wear the same as the high quality materials used to craft a genuine Chanel watches. So while a Chanel watch will continue to look great as you wear it day after day, the luster of a replica watch will quickly fade as pieces scratch, fade or just outright break.

Beyond the actual materials used for the Chanel replica watches, the craftsmanship is also likely to be less than ideal. Whereas Chanel watches are crafted with care, the production of replica watches is more focused on speed of production and the limiting of costs which usually leads to an error prone manufacturing process. The difference in how the watches are produced foreshadows how you will be treated after the sale as well. Chanel takes pride in the great pieces it produces and will stand behind its work. To the contrary, sellers of replica watches will likely be nowhere to be found when the cheaper replica materials start to fade or crack.

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